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Volume 24, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2004

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An Empirical Assessment of Epazote (Chenopodium ambrosioides L.) as a Flavoring Agent in Cooked Beans
Michael H. Logan
Kimberly D. Gwinn
Tina Richey
Beth Maney
Charles T. Faulkner
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Plantago spp. and Bidens spp.: a Case Study of Change in Hawaiian Herbal Medicine
Christian Palmer
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Nomenclature of Breadfruit Cultivars in Samoa: Saliency, Ambiguity, and Monomiality
Diane Ragone
Gaugau Tavana
Joan M. Stevens
Patricia Ann Stewart
Rebekka Stone
Paul Matthew Cox
Paul Alan Cox
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Ojibway Plant Taxonomy at Lac Seul First Nation, Ontario, Canada
Mary B. Kenny
William H. Parker
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The Category of 'Animal' in Eastern Indonesia
Gregory Forth
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Population Trends and Habitat Characteristics of Sweetgrass, Anthoxanthum nitens: Integration of Traditional and Scientific Ecological Knowledge
Daniela J. Shebitz
Robin W. Kimmerer
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Structure, Phenology, Fruit Yield, and Future Prospects of Some Prominent Wild Edible Plant Species of the Sikkim Himalaya
Manju Sundriyal
R.C. Sundriyal
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Pluralistic Medical Settings and Medicinal Plant Use in Rural Communities, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Maria Christina de Mello Amorozo
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Book Review: Food in the Ancient World from A to Z, by Andrew Dalby
E.N. Anderson
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Book Review: Discerning Palates of the Past: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Crop Cultivation and Plant Usage in India, by Seetha Narahari Reddy
Gail E. Wagner
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Book Review: Nature, Culture, and Big Old Trees: Live Oaks and Ceibas in the Landscapes of Louisiana and Guatemala, by Kit Anderson
Darron Collins
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Book Review: What Place for Hunter-Gatherers in Millennium Three?, Thomas N. Headland and Doris E. Blood (eds.)
Kim Hill
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Book Review: Plant Resins: Chemistry, Evolution, Ecology, and Ethnobotany, by Jean H. Langenheim
Campbell Plowden