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Volume 16, Number 2 • Winter 1996

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Prehistoric Small Game Snare Trap Technology, Deployment Strategy, and Trapper Gender Depicted in Mimbres Pottery
Brian S. Shaffer
Karen M. Gardner
Barry W. Baker
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Ethnoichthyology of Gamboa Fishermen of Sepetiba Bay, Brazil
Vilma A. Paz
Alpina Begossi
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The Symbolism of Jakaltek Maya Three Gourd Vessels and Corn Drinks in Guatemala
Carol Ventura
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Categories of Faunal and Floral Economic Resources of the Native Communities of the Peruvian Amazon in 1993
Leslie A. Brownrigg
Eugene S. Hunn
  Author Profiles
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Index to Key Words: Volume 6, Number 1 through Volume 15, Number 2
Jennifer Sepez
  Short Communication: Australian Aboriginal Burning, Mishaps and Conflict: Implications for Ethnobiology
Trevor N. Howard
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Abstracts of Presentations at the 19th Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
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News and Comments
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Book Review: Environmental Values in American Culture, by Willett Kempton, James S. Boster, and Jennifer A. Hartley
Linda C. Garro
  Book Review: Economic Botany Data Collection Standard, by Frances E.M. Cook
Joseph E. Laferrière
  Book Review: Chilies to Chocolate, Food the Americas Gave the World, edited by Nelson Foster and Linda S. Cordell
Michael K. Steinberg
  Book Review: Agricultural Origins and Development in the Midcontinent, edited by W. Green
Russell Boulding
  Book Review: Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Concepts and Cases, edited by Julian T. Inglis
Judith D. Mitchell