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Volume 9, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1989

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Nomenclatural Pattern in Ka'apor Ethnobotany
William L. Balée
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A Survey of Public Plantings in the Front Yards of Residences in Galveston, Texas, U.S.A.
Darrel L. McDonald
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Special Problems in an Ethnobotanical Literature Search: Cordyline terminalis (L.) Kunth, the "Hawaiian Ti Plant"
Celia Ehrlich
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"All Berries Have Relations" Mid-Range Folk Plant Groupings in Thompson and Lillooet Interior Salish
Nancy J. Turner
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Sketches in the Sand
Willard Van Asdall
  President's Page
Amadeo M. Rea
  In Memorium - C. Earle Smith
Emily McClung de Tapia
  Abridged Minutes of the Editorial Board Meeting
  In Memorium - Timothy Charles Plowman
Wade Davis
  News and Comments
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Book Review: Traditional Herbal Medicine in Northern Thailand, by Viggo Brun and Trond Schulmacher.
Catherine Pake
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Book Review: Nutricomp (software), by Joseph E. Laferrière.
James A. Duke
Mark C. Perry
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Book Review: Beyond Domestication in Prehistoric Europe: Investigations in Subsistence Archaeology and Social Complexity, by Graeme Barker and Clive Gamble.
Peter S. Allen
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Book Review: Numerical Methods in Quaternary Pollen Analysis, by H.J.B. Birks and A.D. Gordon.
Owen K. Davis.
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Book Review: Plants in Indigenous Medicine and Diet: Biobehavioral Approaches, edited by Nina L. Etkin
Joseph E. Laferrière
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Book Review: Peyote Religión: A History, by Omer C. Stewart
Richard Evans Schultes
Gitksan Traditional Medicine: Herbs and Healing