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Volume 14, Number 2 • Winter 1994

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The Wells of Spanish Florida: Using Taphonomy to Identify Site History
Elizabeth J. Reitz
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Palm Ethnoecology in the Saripiqui Region of Costa Rica
Elaine Joyal
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Africa's Baobab Tree: Why Monkey Names?
Josh Rashford
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Wet'suwet'en Ethnobotany: Traditional Plant Uses
Leslie M. Johnson Gottesfeld
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Traditional Arrowroot Production and Utilization in the Marshall Islands
Dirk H.R. Spennemann
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Recent Doctoral Dissertations of Interest to Ethnobiologists XII
Joseph E. Laferrière
Terence E. Hays
  Editor's View
Deborah M. Pearsall
  ABSTRACTS of presentations (contributed papers and poster sessions) at the Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, The Environmental Studies Program, University of Victoria and the Royal British Columbia Museum, 16-19 March 1994
  News and Comments
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Book Review: Chumash Healing: Changing Health and Medicinal Practices in an American Indian Society, by Phillip L. Walker and Travis Hudson
E.N. Anderson
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Book Review: Barley: Chemistry and Technology, edited by Alexander W. MacGregor and Rattan S. Bhatty
Richard Evans Schultes
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Book Review: Alkaloids: Chemical and Biological Perspectives, edited by S. William Pelletier
Richard Evans Schultes
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Book Review: Ayahuasca Analogues, Pangaean Entheogens, by Jonathan Ott
Richard Evans Schultes
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Book Review: Foraging and Farming in the Eastern Woodlands, edited by C. Margaret Scarry
Katherine M. Moore
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Book Review: Health and the Rise of Civilization, by Mark Nathan Cohen
Danna J. Leaman
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Book Review: Herbal Dentistry. Herbal Dental Remedies from Ancient Times to the Present Day, by Joseph G. Carter and William J. Carter
Book Review: Folk Dentistry. Cultural Evolution of Folk Remedies for Toothache, by Joseph G. Carter and William J. Carter Enrique Salmón
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Book Review: L'Ethnobotanique Montagnaise de Mingan, by Daniel Clément
Joseph E. Laferrière
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Book Review: Lore. Capturing Traditional Environmental Knowledge, edited by Martha Johnson
Judith D. Mitchell
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Book Review: Pharmacotheon. Entheogenic Drugs, Their Plant Sources, and History, by Jonathan Ott
Cath Cotton
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Book Review: Natural Rubber: Biology, Cultivation, and Technology, edited by M.R. Sethuraj and N.M. Mathew
Richard Evans Schultes