The Historical Ecology of Talepop, an Interior Chumash Settlement in the Santa Monica Mountains

HAMMETT, Julia E. - Truckee Meadows Community College
Elizabeth REDINGER - Truckee Meadows Community College

Recent excavations at Talepop, CA-LAN-229, present an opportunity to revisit an important Chumash site complex and compare the archaeobotanical remains from 1000 year old deposits with those of more recent protohistoric and historic settlements ending with the last Chumash occupation around 1809.  The Southern Coastal Californian landscape chronicles a comprehensive record of changes over time while highlighting the crucial role that fire plays in sustaining vegetation dynamics in the coastal mountains.  Results from the plant analysis of Talepop deposits reveal patterns of plant use and possible resource management strategies that reflect broader changes in anthropogenic landscapes.  Finally, a brief comparison of Santa Monica Mountain adaptations to several other cultural areas in California hints at a more comprehensive portrait of anthropogenic landscapes and historical ecology in California.