GIS Analysis of Artiodactyl remains at Los Morteros

Olson, Kaelyn Marie -University of Minnesota Morris
Dean, Rebecca -University of Minnesota Morris
Beaver, Joseph -Univeristy of Minnesota Morris

The analysis of the use of artiodactyls in daily life, for food, and for ceremony has implications for cultural values, ceremonies, and methods of subsistence; in addition, the types of artiodactyls used for various activities has implications both for cultural practices as well as for prevalence at a given time.  To further clarify existing data regarding the use of artiodactyls by the Hohokam, data from the Los Morteros site was submitted for analysis.  Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis was run on the spatial distribution and the state of discovery of artiodactyl bones recovered in order to analyze distributions in time and location across the site.  Results are for comparison and to supplement current understandings of this site.