Ashley Blazina

Ashley BlazinaI am excited to be nominated for the Secretary position on the Society of Ethnobiology's board! I love the Society deeply, and would be honored to serve SoE in this role. In my previous roles serving as the Awards Coordinator and Co-conference Coordinator, I gained a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the Society -- this knowledge, I believe, is crucial to taking pertinent, yet thorough meeting minutes, as well as aptly directing any Society correspondence to the appropriate parties. I deeply appreciate being part of the meeting conversations where collaborations, successes, and challenges are shared, and would be honored to organize the times and spaces where such amazing work is inspired or started for our Society.

Promotion and Outreach Coordinator: Membership and Development

Andrew Flachs

Andrew FlachsAndrew Flachs is an environmental anthropologist and ethnobiologist based at Purdue University. The Society of Ethnobiology is by far his favorite academic collective, because it provides a space to revel in the interconnections of living beings. His research in food and agriculture systems has taken him to explore communities of knowledge, resistance, solidarity, and joy across small farms and fermented foods in India, Eastern Europe, and the US.