Board Member at Large: Publications Liaison

Chelsey Geralda Armstrong
(serving Board Member: Publications Liaison)

Greetings everyone! I'm a historical ecologist and archaeologist working in the Pacific Northwest and am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. I have served on the Society's Board of Directors for 6 years and consider the ethnobiology community to be my intellectual home. I am the current/outgoing Publications Liaison (2017–2020) and in this position have worked close with the Journal of Ethnobiology on promotions for all new issues and soliciting special issue editors. I worked closely with publication editors to negotiate new contracts, aid in problem solving (e.g., open access standards, administration roles), and outreach. I seek re-election to continue with these tasks which have been streamlined, and to expand my focus on promotion and outreach with our other incredible publications (EBL and Contributions).

Board Member at Large: Web and Social Media Liaison

Annalee Sekulić
(interim Web and Social Media Liaison)

I am a research assistant in Dr. Joy McCorriston’s Near Eastern Archaeology and Archaeobotany Laboratory (NEAAL) Laboratory at Ohio State University. My current undergraduate thesis is focused on analyzing packrat and hyrax middens to understand as proxies for ancient vegetation. I use this data to reconstruct the flora in archeological contexts within southern Oman. I have enjoyed working with the Society of Ethnobiology to bridge the divide between academic and general audiences through social media, and our recently revived Newsletter.