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Ethnobiology is the scientific study of dynamic relationships among peoples, biota, and environments. Learn more About Ethnobiology! Read the most recent Ethnobiology News! Hear Our Mentors Speak about the rewards and challenges of being an ethnobiologist! Explore our Archives!

The Society of Ethnobiology gathers and disseminates knowledge of ethnobiology and fosters ongoing appreciation for the richness of ethnobiology worldwide. Tour Ethnobiology Around the World for a taste of the diversity of ethnobiological research and an appreciation of the rich relationships between people and their biological worlds.

Our members include academic and non-academic individuals who share a binding interest in exploring human-biological relationships, from the very distant past to the immediate present.

The Journal of Ethnobiology, Ethnobiology Contributions, and Ethnobiology Letters are multidisciplinary peer-reviewed periodicals representing research in archaeology, geography, systematics, population biology, ecology, mathematical biology, cultural anthropology, pharmacology, nutrition, conservation, and sustainable development. Visit our Society Publications page.

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