2015 Special Events

Ethnobiology film festival!

Whale Story

A scene from the bilingual animated film based on the Kashaya Pomo story, "The Whale in the Creek."

The 38th annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology will feature a mini-festival of film shorts during the Thursday and Friday lunch hours. Presented by San José State University students and their instructor, ethnoecologist Jeanine Pfeiffer, Thursday’s offering will focus on earth films, Friday on water films. Featured films will include micro-documentaries and animated bilingual stories created by the students in collaboration with Northern California tribes and tribal communities. While the festival is free to conference attendees, reservations are encouraged. Please contact Jeanine Pfeiffer to RSVP or if you have questions about the Ethnobiology Film Festival. For a preview of the films, visit the SJSU Nature and World Cultures playlist on the DrPfeiffer YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/DrPfeiffer/ or Dr. Pfeiffer’s virtual Salmon Film Festival at http://salmonfilmfestival.org/.@gmail.com>