Workshop Organizer(s): 
Abelardo de la Cruz
Wed 13 May - 9:00 to 12:00
Maximum # participants: 

This workshop is led by Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology Abelardo de la Cruz who is a native speaker of Nahuatl from México. Abelardo invites you to learn the language of his ancestors from Mexico (Aztec people). 

In this session, participants will have their first exposure to the Nahuatl language via face-to-face learning. This is the variety from the municipality of Chicontepec, in the Huasteca region of northern Veracruz, Mexico. This class covers an introduction at the beginner level. 

Overall, this workshop course will allow the participant to master basic Nahuatl. Therefore, in this workshop, participants will practice situations such as how to introduce himself/herself, how to introduce another person, how to say what the student likes or dislikes and other related topics.