Dining, Night Life, and Attractions of Interest to Ethnobiologists

Restaurants near or at the Montreal Botanical Garden

Night-life bites – Montreal food to experience during a night out on the town

Microbreweries worth a visit


For higher-end experiences


List of best Montreal restaurants: http://montreal.eater.com/maps/best-montreal-restaurants-38

Leonard Cohen’s Favorite Restaurants:  The Main, and Bagel, Etc. (rue Saint-Laurent at Marianne Street)

Tipping: It is customary to tip 15% at Montreal restaurants.


Places of Interest and local attractions for Ethnobiologists


For a weekly roundup of things to do in Montreal, see: http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/blog/


If you have a car, there are a number of places on the island of Montreal for botanizing, birding, and other nature activities.  Some of the best locations in the spring are: