Lunch on Thursday & Friday at the Conference

There are no restaurants and eateries within walking distance of the Montreal Botanical Garden where the conference is being held. PLEASE pre-purchase a lunch option from the Botanical Garden Restaurant by May 1, 2017 using this form. This is the only way to ensure that there will be food available for you during the short conference lunch break, as it is the only on-site option. (In the evenings there will be other options further afield that can be reached by public transportation). 

If you plan on participating in the Student Mentor Lunch or a Lunchtime Tour, you must pre-order your meal because there will not be time to wait in line. 

Participants in the Global Assessment on Friday should not order a lunch here. Use their RSVP form to request your lunch (so that you won't be charged for it).


Dining, Night Life, and Attractions of Interest to Ethnobiologists

Restaurants near or at the Montreal Botanical Garden

Night-life bites – Montreal food to experience during a night out on the town

Microbreweries worth a visit


For higher-end experiences


List of best Montreal restaurants:

Leonard Cohen’s Favorite Restaurants:  The Main, and Bagel, Etc. (rue Saint-Laurent at Marianne Street)

Tipping: It is customary to tip 15% at Montreal restaurants.


Places of Interest and local attractions for Ethnobiologists


For a weekly roundup of things to do in Montreal, see:


If you have a car, there are a number of places on the island of Montreal for botanizing, birding, and other nature activities.  Some of the best locations in the spring are: