Students' Leadership in the SoE

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Thursday, 25 April, 2024 - 15:30 to 16:45
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Florencia Pech Cardenas - University of Minnesota, Christina Youngster, Saish Solanker
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In this session we will present the SoE Student Board initiative and the Student involvement opportunities in the Society of Ethnobiology. We will share current projects and will gather input to create a shared vision by and for students. Finally, we will share tips and advice on student grants applications. Current students that want to learn about opportunities to become involved in the Society and develop leadership skills are highly encouraged to participate in this session.

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Oral (live)
, Christina - Washington University in St. Louis

As of 2023, the SoE created a new Student Board with various student leadership opportunities, including that of Student Board Chair. The chair serves as liaison to the Executive Committee and guides the rest of the board. This year, the chair and board have introduced and implemented a new student social platform, a periodic newsletter, a webinar series, and a new journal club. These activities seek to fill the need of students to be able to network and learn more about ethnobiology despite various barriers. The role of chair is selected annually. Attend this session to learn more about this leadership opportunity and other student ongoings in the Society, as well as give input to how the Student Board can best serve students.

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Oral (live)
, Saish

In the fast-paced, media-based world today, storytelling is an important aspect in the functioning of all organizations, and academic organizations like the SoE are no different. At the Student Working Group in the SoE, we have been working on numerous storytelling initiatives to enrich the science communication of work in the field of ethnobiology and attract attention of young students towards the budding field and possibilities for the future. The initiatives include newsletters, webinars, and multimodal projects to further the mission of the student leadership in the society.