Fowl as Food: Rules, Obligations and Ceremonies

Marco Antonio Vásquez-Dávila
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50 min prerecorded session - see below for format options
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Thursday, 13 May, 2021 - 15:00 to 16:15

What makes some birds edible and others inedible? What determines which birds are hunted or domesticated? Hunting birds is not a simple matter of finding and killing them. Many cultures have rules for preparing to hunt that involve abstinence, fasting, and ceremonies. Domestic birds are also connected with ceremonies to enhance the flock or protect the birds. Ceremonies demonstrate reciprocal obligations between birds and humans. What are the rules for sharing? What overlap is there between edible and medicinal birds? What of wild birds that are captured and then raised for food? The papers in this session explore these and other aspects of relationships with birds that are killed and eaten, and the obligations and responsibilities associated with hunting and raising birds for food. These include turkeys, ducks, chickens, grouse, and parrots.